Introducing the ‘s’ sound

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DSC_0742_500x332 Tracing around the body for Body Awareness and then completing the task with a Draw-a-man activity.  Doing the gross motor activity first, seemed to assist the children when doing the fine motor activity – Draw-a-man.


Introducing the ‘s’ sound was exciting as there are so many objects that start with a ‘s’.  The children listed some interesting objects that start with a ‘s’ while doing the play dough activity and the fine motor activity.







DSC_0778_500x332Play dough activities assist fine motor skills, spatial orientation, expressive language, concentration skills and creativity.










It is fun and essential to incorporate other skills while learning sounds.








We used a rope to make the ‘s’ letter.  When the children started at the correct starting point with the ‘s’ letter, from the right side and around, they formed it correctly.








We played an old favourite as a listening activity.  The children had to match the picture card to the letter card.  It was ‘I wrote a letter to my love’.  We adjusted it to suit our game.












This was a lovely game as there is much repetition and the children are able to practice hearing the sounds in a fun way.