Introducing the ‘f’ and ‘t’ sound

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I like to introduce the ‘f’ and ‘t’ sound together as they look very similar.  It gives me the opportunity to work with spatial skills such as top and bottom.  The ‘f’ has a curl on the top and the ‘t’ has a curl on the bottom.  We do this top-bottom concept using the whole body.  Making a ‘f’ with a top curl like a fireman’s hose so it can spray the forest fire and making a ‘t’ with a bottom curl like a tap so you can wash your hands.

Gross Motor Skills

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This was a gross motor activity (jumping, running) to the string and practicing making a ‘f’ and ‘t’ with the top-bottom concept.

Task objective:

-spatial skills – top and bottom

-spatial skills – directionality – copying which way the curl goes

-gross motor skills – jumping, running backwards and hopping









Perceptual Skills

We wanted to practice pencil grip using visual discrimination with the ‘f’ and ‘t’ sound.  We have noticed that some children are struggling with their pencil grip and need to strengthen their fingers and this is a very good exercise.   You can also ask your children to hang up the washing to practice this skill.

Task Objective:

-Pencil grip

-visual discrimination

-language skills









Watch how this child is using the same grip for the left hand as well as the right hand – this shows that she needs more practice to develop this as a controlled movement.



Fine Motor Task




Task Objective:

-pencil grip – tearing

-fine motor skills -sticking and pasting

-visual discrimination of the ‘f’ and ‘t’

-language skills

Tearing the paper to make water to show the difference between the ‘f’ and the ‘t’ sound.