Introducing ‘r’ sound

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Balloon Fun with letters

DSC_0725_640x447Children love to play with balloons – our Reading is Fun learners did not know that they were also learning the ‘r’, ‘m’ and ‘n’ sound.  They played with the balloons, tracking their movement and throwing them in the air.  When an instruction was given, they had to look at the letter on their balloon and match it to the correct letter container.


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                                                                                                                                                                                   Auditory and Visual Skills – matching game

DSC_0728_640x230Revising the ‘m’ and ‘n’ from last week and introducing the ‘r’ sound this week.  Children had to find pictures around the class and match it to the correct letter.

The skills practiced in this activity:

  1. Naming the picture – mountain
  2. Hearing the beginning sound
  3. Matching it to the correct letter

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Hand-eye co-ordination – magic writing

DSC_0731_640x425It is important for children to consolidate what they have learnt and we try and do this in a fun way.  This week we coloured in the ‘r’ letter with white crayon and wrote a ‘r’ around the page and the children then painted the page with dye – it is exciting to see the writing appear.


The skills practiced in this activity:

  1. pencil grip – holding the crayon and paint brush
  2. when colouring in the ‘r’ – learning what it looks like
  3. crossing the midline when painting
  4. children talking about what they are doing and what appears when the dye is applied.

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