Introducing ‘m’ and ‘n’ sound

funreadingWeekly "Reading is Fun" Workshops



DSC_0700_640x425Emma-Kate was very proud of herself this week.  She used the letters on the board to create her own name.  She also enjoyed showing us the pictures she had drawn in her Reading is Fun Book 1 for the ‘i’ sound.

I like to introduce the ‘m’ and ‘n’ together as I like to teach the children that when they say the ‘m’ it is with their mouth closed and when they say the ‘n’ it is with their mouth open.

DSC_0689_640x425The Gross Motor Activity this week included pre-reading skills:

*listening skills – find a picture with a ‘m’ sound/’n’ sound

*spatial awareness – jumping over, in front of and behind, left and right – using a blue rope

*auditory skills – hearing the ‘m’ sound and ‘n’ sound


DSC_0687_640x425Hand-eye co-ordination skill this week, we concentrated on pencil grip – holding a paint brush correctly is important for the development of a good pencil grip.  A good pencil grip is established with strengthening the fingers in Grade R using glue brushes, paint brushes as well as dough and clay.

We practiced this skill by painting over a line to create a colourful pattern.  The children were asked to always start the pattern on the left side and move to the right (pre-reading skills).

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DSC_0684_640x425Hand-eye co-ordination skills this week, we also wanted to include practicing the ‘m’ and ‘n’ sound – children used a glue brush to write the correct letter formation inside a letter and then sprinkle coloured sand over the glue.  They were very proud of their work.

DSC_0696_640x425Holly also enjoyed the letter board this week.