Introducing ‘g’ and ‘j’ sound

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Introducing the sounds

When introducing the ‘g’, we talk about how similar the ‘g’ looks to a girl with long hair and that the ‘j’ has a dot and looks like a juggler.  With this in mind, we played, manipulated and drew these sounds.











Perceptual Skills

1.  Picture Tray and Plastic letters –  match the letter with the picture and place the letter in the wooden tray.

2.  Posting – posting pictures into the letter box – ‘g’ or ‘j’

3.  Lego – try and build a ‘g’ or ‘j’ letter with the lego

4.  ipad – match the sounds










Find Motor Skills

There were three different tables:

1.  Making a girl – with a cardboard circle for her face, wool for her hair and coloured card to make her eyes, nose and mouth.

2.  Painting with sponge – painting the ‘j’ – juggler worksheet

3.  Figure-ground worksheet – colouring in only one ‘g’ and one ‘j’ – the learner would colour in one letter and when colouring the next letter would only colour what remains of the second letter.