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Noughts and Crosses
Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and Crosses

What are Sight Words?

Sight Words are words that children need to recognise (not sound out) for fluent reading.  The Dolch Sight Word List progresses from one level to the next.

Why is Sight Word Reading important for fluent reading

The more words a child is able to recognise, even an an emerging reader, the more the child will enjoy reading and will be able to follow the sequence of the story.  In some children, sight words seem problematic as so many sight words are very similar at first glance.  (Eg:  on – no;  come-came;  could-should;  want-went;  some-same;  is-it;  when-what)

Suggestions for practicing sight words

Grade 1 & 2 learners:

  1. read the first ten sight words together.
  2. Ask your child to read the first ten on his/her own.
  3. Any words that your child struggles with you can use to play games – the more your child sees the word the better chance he/her have of recognising the word in a reading passage.
  4. If there is a sight word that your child is continually reading incorrectly – use the similar sight word cards in the Reading is Fun games series.  Place these words on your fridge (only 3 at a time) and ask your child to read them each time he/she passes the fridge.
Games for Sight Word Reading – Similar Card game in the Reading is Fun Games Series

The key is making reading fun – each week I will post new games for sight word reading.



Noughts and Crosses game using similar sight words with milk tops and lotto board.  Enjoy!!




Dolch Sight word List 1

  1. a
  2. of
  3. to
  4. I
  5. she
  6. as
  7. all
  8. at
  9. the
  10. he
  11. we
  12. it
  13. to
  14. on
  15. in
  16. one
  17. be
  18. was
  19. that
  20. they
  21. for
  22. by
  23. had
  24. and
  25. not
  26. this
  27. but
  28. or
  29. have
  30. is
  31. her
  32. an
  33. you
  34. him
  35. has
  36. are
  37. from
  38. with