Lisl Barry

    Designed Reading is Fun Logo
    Designed Reading is Fun Book covers and Game covers


Lisl is a fine artist and author who is based in Oudtshoorn. She designed the ‘Reading is Fun’ logo as well as the front covers of all the books and games. She lives in the Gamkaberg with her husband and two children. Her love for this area really shows in her paintings of landscape, people and animals. I have really enjoyed working with Lisl, she has a keen eye for detail and a wonderfully creative way of interrupting animals and nature.

Visit Lisl’s website and enjoy this talented artists work:



Lee Botha


Created illustrations for Reading is Fun Books

Lee is a well-known artist in George and her work is displayed in galleries in George. Lee did all the artwork for the content of the Reading is Fun books. Each week I was very excited to see the next batch of Lee’s pictures.

Included is some of Lee’s work or you can visit her at Linkadin.


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